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What not to pack for a cruise

do not pack candles on a cruise

So by now you probably have a good idea about what you should pack for your cruise vacation. One thing you may not have thought about yet however, is what NOT to pack for a cruise. Some items are probably very obvious, but some others may surprise you.

Below is a list of items to avoid bringing with you on any cruise ship. As always, it is a very good idea to check the restricted items list for your specific cruise line/ship before you pack. It is always better to be prepared and not get sent to the “naughty room” on board. YES there is such a place, and you don’t want to go there and waste precious vacation time while they lecture you and confiscate your stuff. Just follow the rules and you’ll be fine.

Illegal Substances

do not pack marijuana
leave the weed

Any type of illegal narcotics/drugs. This includes Marijuana, regardless of your local laws. I know, it may be legal for medicinal purposes for you, or even recreationally legal for other’s, but on board a cruise ship, it is a big NO. So don’t even try. That includes all paraphernalia. Just don’t bother, it is not worth the hassle.


I mean, come on. What do you need a weapon for aboard a cruise ship? You don’t. So leave all your guns, knives and any other objects that can cause harm at home. This includes any and all firearms, swords, cross bows, paintball guns, or even fake (toy) weapons. Stun guns, brass knuckles, tasers – all not allowed. It is just not necessary and you will not be allowed on the ship with any of these items.


Just as you can’t bring a gun, you can’t bring ammunition.


do not pack sparklers
do not bring sparklers

Fireworks of any kind. Or any type of explosive. Think about it. Fire on a cruise ship is a big concern, so do your part and leave all that stuff at home. This includes snaps, rockets and sparklers. If you want to bring something fun for night time parties on board, may I suggest glow sticks! They are allowed and often encouraged! Bring them to the glow party or the night club and dance the night away!


Again, fire is a huge concern. Also, applies to things like incense. Just don’t bring anything that needs to be lit. If you would like some ambiance however, fake, battery operated candles are fine. I take some of those for my balcony at night and they flicker like real candles without the risk and look lovely. Or you can use them inside, as a nightlight. Especially handy for inside cabins – they get pitch dark. (Great for sleeping!)

Β Just be sure to pack these on your carry on luggage, so when you board if the x-ray machines pick up on them you can show the staff they are indeed fake and harmless. Otherwise, if you pack them in your checked luggage, you may get flagged.. and have to report to the naughty room to explain. Likely it’ll be fine, but just to be sure everything runs smoothly, just bring them with you on your personal carry on.

Radio Equipment

Anything that can jam a radio signal or interfere with the ships’ radar and communications is a big NO.


Except for 1 bottle of wine per person (depends on the cruise line, but it is widely accepted to allow 1 per person on most fleets), bringing your own liquor or beer is not allowed. Don’t worry though, cruise ships’ are very stocked, so you won’t go thirsty!


Sorry, you can’t go handcuffing people around the ship!

Sporting Equipment

do not pack skateboards
leave your skateboard at home
  • hoverboards
  • roller skates
  • roller blades
  • skateboards
  • baseball bats
  • bows and arrows
  • hockey sticks
  • surfboards
  • martial arts gear
  • scooters (Not including mobility scooters for persons with mobility issues.)

Sharp Objects

  • knives (pocket knives, table knives..)
  • scissors (small personal grooming scissors are usually okay.)
  • blades (not including razor blades for shaving.)


paint, bleach, ammonia.. to name a few

In conclusion, what not to pack for a cruise is a lot about common sense.

You’re on a floating city in the middle of the ocean. Safety of yourself and every single other guest onboard, including all staff is the number one most important thing. Play by the rules and do your part to keep you and thousands of others safe. Leave all inappropriate things at home, only pack what is allowed and you’ll sail through security and onto the ship with ease. Now, enjoy your cruise!! πŸ™‚

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