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must haves for cruising

cruise accessories – must haves for cruising

When packing for a cruise vacation, keep in mind all the things you like to have handy in your normal day to day life at home. Where do you want to put your dirty laundry? How can you organize your bathroom items? Keep your cell phone safe from water and sand? Drinking water is definitely available on the ship, but taking along a refillable water bottle to keep by your bedside or bring with you on an excursion is nice to have. Lanyards make carrying around your sail & sign card easier.  (This is your room key, form of payment and ID to get on and off the ship- very important!) Besides clothing, here are some cruise accessories – must haves for cruising:

reusable, filtered water bottle – filtered water anywhere, stay hydrated!

lanyard – keep your sign & sail card handy! You don’t have to carry a wallet on a cruise. Why weigh yourself down with a wallet when there is no money exchanging on board. Everything you buy is with your sailing card, and this is how you enter your stateroom as well, just like in a hotel. Simply punch a hole in your card and fasten it to the lanyard around your neck. Keeps your hands free to do whatever else and no need to carry a wallet or purse!

waterproof phone case – keep your phone free from water/sand damage and still use it! These are great items to have with you on a cruise. You’ll likely be spending time at the pool or on the beach and these lanyards will keep your phone safe from all the sand and water. Take it with you anywhere! You can also store your sailing/ID cards and cash within the pouch, all around your neck.

small non-surge protected charger port/extension cord – staterooms usually only have 1 or 2 plugs.. taking an extension cord/charging port allows you to charge all your electronic devices and everyone is happy.

over the door pocket organizer – staterooms are small and can get cluttered easily. Making use of vertical storage is easy with an over the door organizer. Keeps all your items handy and off the counters. I love this one here and use it myself – click here to get yours!

pop-up laundry hamper – throw it in the closet or a corner and keep your suitcase under the bed.

magnetic hooks.. cabin walls are magnetic, so the possibilities for these are plentiful! Hang your lanyards, keep charging cords tidy, hang a wet bathing suit to dry…   click here to buy on amazon

these towel clips keep your towel affixed to your chair, even in windy weather. They are super easy to throw into your beach bag before heading out.

slim hangers – stateroom closets are stocked with hangers, but likely less than you’ll want. bring some of your own – they pack well, taking up very little space.

dryer sheets or air fresheners – cruise cabin air can become stuffy and stale.. especially an inside or ocean view room. Keep your room and luggage smelling fresh.



What are your must haves for cruising?

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